BattleKnight - Novinky

Za čest a slávu
Za čest a slávu
Buď odvážný v bitvě a nauč se zacházet s mečem - ne každý bojovník ale může být rytířem. Věčná sláva očekává ty, kteří vyhrávají souboje a turnaje. Najdi si své místo u kulatého stolu.

BattleKnight - Novinky

BattleKnight: Update v1.4.9


Noble Knights, Lords and Ladies!

We have an update for BattleKnight, it’s small but has a few important changes for the game.


  • [Feature] Players can now report order (alliance) messages.
  • [Feature] Unsubscribe link for advertisement emails has been added to the registration mail.
  • [Fix] Clues that point to event locations will automatically fix themselves after the event ends.
  • [Fix] Match making for order wars was not calculated correctly.
  • [Change] Remove all negative constitution debuffs from items (existing and future.)
  • [Change] Minimum characters for reporting messages has been decreased to 5.

The update will be live on the German servers first on the 16th of June.
All other servers will be updated on the 17th of June.

BattleKnight Christmas Event!


 Winter is here, it’s time to get some snowballs ready!

But it’s also a festive season where trees are decorated and great feasts are held, so this year we’ve decided to keep the much loved BK snowballs hidden away and create a new event for you!

Christmas trees were first set up in the late Middle Ages with Freiburg in 1419 being the first documented Christmas tree. However, instead of decorating it was holly, tinsel, ornaments and other shiny objects, the first trees were covered with food. The main foods used to decorate the trees were apples, nuts and gingerbread. These would be kept on the tree until the new years when a great feast would be held!

The period before Christmas, starting from the 25th of November was also very different. This was a traditional fasting period where you could only eat special food and drink, such as gingerbread.

BattleKnight will now take you on a journey back to the middle ages with our new Christmas event!

The event will be split into 2 parts, the fast + decoration period, and the feast!


Each server will be given its own special tree that has to be decorated in the traditional sense. Player will have to search the realm of Caldean to find Apples, Gingerbread and fir Cones to place on the great tree.

Additionally players may be able to find other objects to give them a special bonus.

Finding Meat and Fish will restore hp (200 and 50).

Bread, Salt and nuts will raise the chance for you to get an event item.

Scraps should be kept in your inventory, if you have enough you might attract and ermine (stoat) who will act as a companion in your journeys!

The Feast

There will of course, be a special reward for decorating the tree once the fasting period is over. The decorations of the tree are split into 4 different stages, and depending on how well your server has managed to decorate the tree, you and all the players of your server will get a special bonus!

Stage 1: No bonus

Stage 2:

-50% mission cool down.


-50% mission cool down

+20% silver from missions

Stage 4:

-50% mission cool down

+20% silver from missions

-20% cost for skills

These rewards are server specific, so if for example, UK server 11 reached stage 4 and UK server 4 only managed stage 2, then UK11 will have the stage 4 reward, whilst UK4 will get only a stage 2 reward.

We will have 2 new Achievements as well

1 based on the amount of donated Christmas tree ornaments

The other is called “Christmas Saviour” Only the top donating players will get this, but with this special achievement you will be an exclusive companion – the Lynx.

The Dates

10th – 24th of December – the Fasting period

1st – 5th of January – the Feasting period


**Additional information: We have some new companions (.C) and mounts (M). The information about them can be found here.

Ermine(.C) - Sold from the 25.12 to the 05.01.2014
Bonus: enemy armour will be reduced by 2%
Bonus: +3% silver from victorious duels

White Stag(M) - Sold during the event. (Fasting and Feasting)
Travel time reduction +50% faster than a normal horse
Bonus: +3% damage

Lynx(.C) (Not sold - Achievement only)
Bonus: +5% ice resistance
Bonus: +5% ice damage

BattleKnight: Nightmares


The Nightmares have been driven back to the far corners of Caldean and are no longer a thread!

But alas, a more daring opponent has been risen in, graveyards and places of death! They feast on the flesh of the living and have to be defeated!

These monster are much more daring and we have had huge outbreaks in our fair capital Endalain! We also hear rumours that the Ghouls are trying to make an alliance with the dragons in Talfour, they must be stopped at once!

Don't forget that there are 4 other places where the Ghouls can be found as well.

BattleKnight: Monsterhunt News


The monster hunt event has been given its release dates!

15th of October: Monsterhunt update and event start (DE)
16th of October: Monsterhunt update and event start (ALL)

It's pretty soon, so get ready to start the hunt!

The Hunting Manual

In case you missed it, the official Manual for the Hunting event is here:

Some important questions are answered there!

Special items

The event will bring 5 unique items to the game.

About the event


  • The monster hunt is a 2 week in-game event.
  • Users have to hunt certain monsters that are only available during the event.
  • The monster that needs to be hunted is changed every 2 days.
  • There are 7 monsters in total; an in-game notification will be displayed that shows what monster needs to be hunted and how long it will be in the world for.
  • The special monsters only appear in certain locations and have a specific drop rate. This means that the monster will not always appear in a mission – even if the user is in the proper location.
  • A new currency is introduced for the duration of the event; this is the ‘Hunters Badge’.
  • Players can only get the Hunters Badge by defeating the special monsters. A successful 20 point mission will give 1 badge; 40 points - 2 badges and 60 points will give 3.
  • The badges can be then used in a special shop that appears during the event. This shop will contain various premium items such as mounts, companions, runes, clues, estate features, special ‘retro gear’ and much more!
  • Instead of a potion, users will have a function to buy a mission directly from the mission screen that will give them a 100% chance of fighting an event monster in the next mission.
  • The shop will disappear 2 weeks after the event has finished. Players will get information about the vanishing merchant before it happens.


  • There will be a new achievement for hunting the monsters.
  • The achievement is split into 5 stages and the user will get one of the special retro items from the event for each stage that they reach.

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